Raicol’s RTP PC features:

High laser damage

Fast rise-fall time and short pulse width


Low absorption

No acoustic ringing (up to at least 350kHz)

Thermal stability
(10ºC –50ºC)

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The modified iRTP Pockels Cells Version of Raicol’s RTP is specially designed for the needs of the Industrial laser market.

Raicol’s iRTP Pockels Cells is a standard off-the-shelf EO cell Q SWITCH that offers high performance at the price of standard industry Pockels Cells , and saves time and money for the laser production line and across the product’s lifetime.

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Why companies are switching from KD*P to iRTP Pockels cell ?

A simpler laser designs

Improved stability – as a result of the PC’s widerange thermal stability, there is no need for thermal
control or stabilization. Fewer parts – iRTP doesn’t
require an oven or complex 4-axis mount. Smaller
module footprint – due to fewer peripherals.

Improved product

Faster initiation time (operable immediately when on)
Higher repetition rates for advanced functionality (up to
350kHz) Higher power applications- increased LIDT
Faster rise time and shorter pulses (sub ns)

Reduced production costs

Pockels cell adjustment – iRTP requires single dimension
alignment (1D instead of 3D of KD*P), which allows a much
simpler and faster alignment process, with a better extinction
ratio. Reduced assembly – the time for PC assembly
throughout the production line was significantly reduced.

Improved mechanical stability

The iRTP mount provides better endurance due to the 1D
vs 3D alignment of the KD*P. Due to the above, there are
reductions in product failure in the field due to misalignment
or a reduction of ER over time. Environmental stability- iRTP
is a non-hygroscopic material with a built-in temperature
compensation design that allows it to function in noncontrolled environments.

Positive ROI

Savings in the production costs of parts, assembly, testing,
and setup.Improved MTBF due to a more stabilized module,
which results in less failure after shipping the product (pre
and post-implementation). Improved brand reputation due to
improved quality.

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About Raicol

Raicol Crystals, founded in 1995, is a global leader in nonlinear and EO crystals growth,

Fabrication and assembly. Raicol offers a unique set of benefits to its customers:

  • Crystal growth experience of 50 years
  • The global pioneers of RTP, HGTR KTP and PPKTP crystals and assembly
  • One-stop shop, from crystal growth through coating to EO cell assembly
  • A Mass production capability as well as a small R&D volume
  • Fast delivery time
  • Unmatched crystal quality